Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowed in

Today I organized the garage so I can get my car in there. Mostly I stacked stuff up to make room. The original intent was only to check on my rototiller to see if there was gas in the tank. Yep, there was so I put some Lucas gas treatment in the tank, only a little gas was in it...shot some starter fluid in the carb and pulled twice and it fired, and died...pulled again and vroom...I let it run until the gas was gone. I also cleaned the underside of the mower...must have been tired when I put it away in November or whenever I mowed last...I scraped and brushed it cleaned, then sprayed wd-40 all over the underside. I felt good about getting that done. I am not used to taking care of the gasoline powered I am learning. Getting ready for the next snow storm..tired of being snowed in...and shoveling.

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